In the oil and gas industry where the safety criteria are at the highest level, the ACTINFLY drone:

  • Eliminates the need to have an operator in inspection areas that have security risks.
  • Reduces the cost items by minimizing the need for scaffolding and climbing systems required for access and security.
  • By completing the inspection process rapidly with its maneuverability and autonomous navigation features, it increases the productivity and profitability of the plant.
  • The data received by camera and radar systems are processed with artificial intelligence programs and used for predictive maintenance.


ACTINFLY drone for the inspection of base stations installed in different geographical regions:

  • Allows the operator to manage the inspection process safely from the ground without the need to climb the tower.
  • Minimizes the need for qualified manpower required for inspection and reduces the cost.
  • Increases the operational efficiency by completing the examination time 2-3 times shorter than manual methods.
  • Enables efficient asset management by providing compatible and consistent data from thousands of base stations.


In subway tunnels that are expected to provide always a safe and efficient service environment, ACTINFLY drone:

  • Eliminates the security risks associated with in-tunnel area access platforms during inspection.
  • Provides effective reports precisely and quickly on the status of the tunnels by collecting the data with the payloads it uses.
  • Reduces tunnel downtime by reducing inspection time compared to manual inspections.
  • Allows the production of 3D models by viewing all the structures in the tunnel from the convenient angles through its agile maneuverability